Welcome to Prepare To Act an organization created, built and lead by present day law enforcement officers, emergency service personnel, ex-military and members of the emergency medical field.  Prepare To Act, llc was founded in January, 2012 in Watertown, Connecticut, by Chris Marciano.  Chris is a 2o year police veteran, who currently holds the rank of Sergeant assigned to the patrol division.  With extensive law enforcement experience, in patrol investigations, undercover narcotic investigations, homicide investigation, emergency medical training and so much more, Chris is the founder and main contributor to all things Prepare To Act.  You can learn more about our found in the About Me page here at preparetoact.org

We’ve created this .org site to compliment our main webpage, www.preparetoact.com, which supports our brick and mortar training facility.  The purpose of this site, as the title suggests, is to develop a solid resource, learning environment and interactive community for all things safety focused on the ladies of our world. As you read click and hunt through our site to get familiar with it, you’ll learn about our mission and understand the passion we have here at Prepare To Act to make the world a better, safer place. With that, we’ll post a couple links here that will take you to a couple interesting sections of our site that will provide some good information for you.

Thanks so much for finding us and do not hesitate to get involved here, ask some questions, suggest some topics you’d like to see covered and most of all, use us as a resource for all that you might need.