7 Common Identity Scams And Some Of The Best Identity Theft Protection Out There

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1. Wallet And Purse Thefts – This is completely self-explanatory, here are a few things you can do to help prevent it.

Protect Yourself:

– Keep your purse close and secured at all times.

– Carry your purse close to you

– Rather than carrying a large purse, use a clutch with only the cards and identification you’ll need to complete your errands or plans for the day.

2. In Your Garbage – Dumpster divers could easily pick through your trash and find enough personal information to put together and assume your identity.  Did you know that in most states, once your garbage can is pulled to the end of your driveway for pickup is legal for anyone to go through it?  It’s true, police use that all the time to discover evidence that may be helpful in securing a search warrant, we call it “trash pulls.”

Protect Yourself:

– Shred everything before putting it into your garbage.

– Go paperless and pay your bills and receive your bills online.

– Always keep track of your credit report….Check our product review section to see what we suggest to be the best         companies to work with.

3. In Your Mail –  Vital information is delivered directly to you mailbox on a daily basis.  If the bad guys get their hands on this, you will definitely have some issues.

Protect Yourself:

– Use a locking mailbox

– Do not leave your mail in the box for too long

– Rent a PO Box at your local post office.

4. Shoulder Surfing – So you’re at the ATM and you’re not paying attention, but the bad guy behind you is, he/she will simply stand close enough to you to steal your pin as you enter it.  In a more advanced scenario, hidden camera’s are placed and aimed directly at the keypad and card scan slot.

Protect Yourself:

– Be aware of your surroundings and keep a presence of mind

– Use cash as often as possible rather than your debit/credit cards

– Do not write down your passwords and pin’s where someone can find them, like your wallet or purse.

5. Vishing – These could be automated voice calls informing you that you won a prize or that there’s been an emergency and they need you to disclose your personal, identifiable information.

Protect Yourself:

– Always be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls

– Use your caller I.D.

– Once you have that number from you caller I.D. use the internet to look up the number and confirm the information. You Can Do This By Following This Link whitepages.com/reverse_phone

6. Pharming – This is simple, taken for face value, but, to pull it off takes a little work.  The bad guy is able adjust or tamper with the website you may be searching for and ultimately, send you to the website that they’ve created.  Once on this site it automatically captures your personal information. Now, the victim feels that they are on a trusted site and feel way more comfortable to supply deeper personal information.

Protect Yourself:

– If it’s a merchant account, check the padlock symbol in the right-hand bottom of the websites scroll bar.

– Contact the website administrator or the organization directly via telephone to verify that such requested information is needed

– Review your credit report

7. Social Engineering –  This is the practice of someone either in person, over the telephone, or computer, that uses means to deceive someone else into divulging sensitive information.

Protect Yourself:

– Do not give your personal information to anyone you do not trust or do not know

– Get a good contact number to call back before supplying any of your own information

– Verify the caller’s information

These are just some of the scams that are happening, there are so many more out there.  We cover more scams and the above listed ones in this blog, more in depth under our Women’s Safety tab.   Also, we are in the middle of reviewing and learning about several identity theft organizations, products and offers that you will soon be able to find under our product reviews page.  As we’ve mentioned, although the business of Prepare To Act is not new, this free webpage is.  That said we are adding content, information and new advice on a daily basis.  Make sure you sign up your email to stay on top of all that is new!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this post….Stay Present…Stay Safe…And Stay True—-Don’t Let Anyone Take Anything From You! Ever!

9 thoughts on “7 Identity Theft Scams And The Best Identity Theft Protecton

  1. I did not know that trash day is a day where your trash essentially becomes public property and that anyone can go through it legally.

    Now when you say go paperless, are we not still vulnerable to identity theft as far as victims getting their information stolen online?

    Thank you for your expertise on the subject,


    1. Hi Jessie, thanks for the comment. To your point, yes as you know, anytime we enter information online it makes us vulnerable for sure. The comfort you should take is that with paperless statements and bills from say, your utility companies or credit companies, you have to set up an account ahead of time. This means that the information, or bills, that you’re getting from them will be, most likely, legitimate and secure.

      Any other questions man, feel free to ask. Thanks again for taking the time to read and reach out.


  2. Thank You

    Great tips on the best identity theft protection, many times we are in a hurry and are not as careful as we should be with our personal mail. Even thought it is legal for someone to go through your garbage, it still does not seem right to me to allowed.

    I did not realize there were so many scams going on still today offline, I thought the criminals mostly was operating online with being able to reach so many more people that way?

  3. Hello and thanks for sharing, this is really great information. You have written and in-depth post with tons of great information. It is so amazing how we ought to be very careful in the world in which we live because of the misfortune that can happen, you post is very helpful in helping people not to make these kinds of mistakes. Great job with your post

  4. Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for this information. There’s alway such concern about your identity whether online or not. I have a sister who never shops online but still is concerned about credit card theft. Recently she discovers there was a charge on her gas card from another state. Of course, she immediately contacted the card number and closed the account. A few months later it happened to us too.

    Sometimes I feel concerned about identity theft by online, by phone scams, and even our mail. I didn’t know it was legal for anyone to go through your garbage once it was set out to be picked up.

    Thanks for providing this informative post.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this information. I’ve had 3 separate instances in the last few years about breaches of personal data. It’s scary how prevalent these scams are, especially considering how much damage they can do to your financial future. I’ve taken precaution and am now using a credit monitoring service. I highly recommend credit monitoring to anyone that may be at risk. It’s just nice having a little peace of mind.

  6. Hey Chris:

    How are we vulnerable? Let me count the ways….

    Thank you for this post. It’s a useful reminder of the need for awareness and presence in your everyday life.

    I do tend to get too focused when I’m working on a project and when I’m just lasering in on getting where and what I need to proceed, the project is busy making all these demands and I tend to forget that I’m still walking through the world with all these other guys.

    Gotta work on that….

    1. Life gets away from us for sure and it only takes one time being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Thanks so much for spending some time here and stay safe.


  7. These are great tips to be protected from identity theft. Women can’t be too careful these and for that matter nobody can. I’m always careful especially when I’m out and about. You can’t take your eyes off any of your valuables. Women should closely guard their purses and cell phones. Be suspicious of phone calls when you don’t know who it is calling. And I am very careful about shoulder surfing especially at an ATM or pumping gas. Cover your PIN# at all times!

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