With technology changing on such a quick and constant basis, criminals learning new and creative ways to find victims and with my own house broken into not to long ago, I knew this was a topic I had to cover. So what is the best home alarm system?  This is a detailed topic and certainly […]

LifeLock Overall Ranking: B+ Price $9.99 To $29.99 Per Month Owners:  Mr. Todd Davis, Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Michael Hargis, Vice President, Member Services & Operations Hilary Schneider, President Website: Honestly one of the most frequent complaints any police department receives is regarding some type of identity theft, bank fraud or phone scam.  I’ve spend some […]

Self/Personal-Defense Products Take one minute to think back to the most vulnerable situation you have faced in your life.  Have you ever been involved in a situation that your safety was in danger? Have you been involved in a home invasion, burglary or car-jacking?  Have you come to face  to face with a Lone Wolf and been […]