Report IRS Phone Scam Here With the tax filing deadline fast approaching, I wanted to get this out, understanding that it definitely should have been done earlier.  Either way, unless your head is completely in the sand, IRS Phone Scams are surging around the country.  If I could make a button that would help […]

With technology changing on such a quick and constant basis, criminals learning new and creative ways to find victims and with my own house broken into not to long ago, I knew this was a topic I had to cover. So what is the best home alarm system?  This is a detailed topic and certainly […]

LifeLock Overall Ranking: B+ Price $9.99 To $29.99 Per Month Owners:  Mr. Todd Davis, Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Michael Hargis, Vice President, Member Services & Operations Hilary Schneider, President Website: Honestly one of the most frequent complaints any police department receives is regarding some type of identity theft, bank fraud or phone scam.  I’ve spend some […]

Self/Personal-Defense Products Take one minute to think back to the most vulnerable situation you have faced in your life.  Have you ever been involved in a situation that your safety was in danger? Have you been involved in a home invasion, burglary or car-jacking?  Have you come to face  to face with a Lone Wolf and been […]