About Chris

About Chris

Hello Everyone, I’m Chris I Have Been A Police Officer In The State Of Connecticut for Twenty Years.  I Currently   Hold The Rank Of Sergeant And Am Assigned To The Patrol Division, Working The Day Shift.  As You Can See I Am Happily Married To My Beautiful Wife Christine And We Have Two Great Boys Together.

What Got Me Here?

Inherently I Am Drawn To Helping People, This Was A Trait That Began As A Kid And Reinforced By My Mom And Dad’s Overwhelmingly Compassionate Ability To Always Be There For Others.  In My Carreer I Have Had The Opportunity To Be Involved Involved In Every Type Of Investigation.  From Multi-Murders, Serious Assaults To Minor Motor Vehicle Accidents And Lost Dog Calls.  I’ve Come Up Through The Ranks Beginning As A Patrolman In 1997 I Was Able To Work Many Years On All Three Shifts.  In 2008 I Was Put On Loan To The Connecticut State Police Statewide Narcotic Task Force.  Here I Was Involved In Undercover Narcotic Investigations Into Some Heavy Hitters That Dealt In Pounds And Pushed A Lot Of Product.  In This Unit We Served Upwards Of 3 To 4 Search Warrants A Week And On Average, Our Officer Seized Upwards Of $4 Million In Assets Each Year.   In 2010, While Still In The Narcotic Unit I was promoted To The Rank Of Detective And Ultimately Reassigned To My Departments Detective Division In 2012.

The Calendar Year Of 2012 Turned Out To Be A Very Busy Year For Me, My Wife Gave Birth To Our First Son And In January Of That Year I Opened My Business Called Prepare To Act, llc.  In A Nutshell, Prepare To Act Is A One Of A Kind Self Safety Training Establishment That Offers Everything From First Aid/CPR Classes To Programs Written By Me On Women Safety Classes, Home Invasion Prevention, Firearms Training And So Much More.  This Training Is Geared Toward The Community, Civilian Training And Has Recently Added Training For Local Police Departments And SWAT Teams From Around The State Of Connecticut.  You Can Check Out The Prepare To Act Website At www.preparetoact.com And See Lots Of Training Pictures On Our Facebook Page, @preparetoactct.

Anyway, With All That I’ve Done, It Simply Has Not Satiated My Need To Be Helpful.  I Often Think About My Experiences And What I’ve Learned And Realize That I Need To Get That Out On As Many Avenues As Possible.  That Landed Me Here To Develop This Site, A Place That You Can Come And Trust In The Content, Get Involved In Our Community, Ask And Get Answers To Any Question You May Have In Regard To Personal Safety And How To Protect Yourself. What I’m Really Excited About Is Diving Deep Into And Personally Reviewing All The Good And Bad Products Out There That Were Developed To Help Protect You.

So, Jump In, Look Around, Get Involved And Ask Some Questions That Is What I Am Here For.  Like Prepare To Act, This Women’s Safety Site Prepare To Act Was Founded On One Simple Concept Which Is To Provide Educational Programs And Effective Training That Will Help You Protect What We All Hold So Precious: LIFE.

Please Stay Safe – Stay Alert – Stay Strong – And Stay True To Yourself!

Thank You For Taking The Time To Learn A Little About Me

See You Around,


7 thoughts on “About Chris

  1. Nice to know about you Chris, very impressing policing experience you have there! I must salute you for that! It is really reassuring to know that someone with the relevant experience is writing on helpful guides for children woman and elderly who are more susceptible to fall to crime. Will definitely recommend your webpage to others!

  2. Hi Chris,
    Pleased to meet you. you are extremely Blessed to have the compassion that you process in your chosen line of work. I commend you. Your posts are very moving and touching; great information. I Pray that you continue with your great work and Our LORD and Savior Continue To Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You Always.

    To God Give The Glory;
    Praise His Holy Name;
    Your Brother In Christ;

  3. Now that’s what I call Life Experience, tough job my friend, you have to be a certain character and make-up to handle that – I would imagine – but I see you’re heart and passion is in the right place – Interesting website

    1. Hi Malcom, thank you for the kind words and for visiting my page. In the process of doing a bit of a makeover to it and making it more of a co-ed page.
      Please check back for updates and feel free to make some suggestions as to what topics you might like to see covered. Chris

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