Sometimes having a service like ADT Home Security or Front Point Security Systems is simply not enough.  In today’s day and age it is important to do more, to do the most and plan today for what could happen tomorrow.  Because what can happen tomorrow you can not see come, but, you can prepare the best way possible.

Home Invasion Protection 

On July 23, 2007, Jennifer Hawk-Petit and her two daughters were raped and murdered in their home while Dr. William Petit, husband and father, was beaten and tied up in the basement.  During the police interview, one of the two killers explained that he was at a local grocery store to meet up with a contractor, when Jennifer and one of her daughters caught his attention.  That’s it, grocery shopping, innocent, enjoying life, why would they need to be doing anything different?  It’s what we all do right? I’m not going to get into the details of that incident here, feel free to look it up if you’re interested, but understand I advance, it’s horrific.

As we discussed in an early post, calling 911 as quickly as possible is essential as is speaking in a calm, controlled manner and being as specific as possible with the detail information is vital.  But, simply by calling 911 does not magically end the problem you are having…cops are not immediately air lifted and dropped on your door step.  From my experience and with the research I’ve done, the average police response to a 911 call for help will be between four and ten minutes.  Depending of course on the severity of the problem and if it’s currently occurring.  Think about what a bad guy can accomplish in four to ten minutes, then ask yourself if you are prepared to protect yourself, your family and your property until Police arrive.

We encourage a Three Phase Safety Plan and analysis be done on your property.

Phase 1 – How Safe Is Your Home From The Street?

-Is your house number clearly posted that can be seen by responding police and emergency personnel?

-Is your home and property well lit?

-Is your home visible from the street? If so, at night, to you utilize blinds or shades?

-Do you have a garage?  Do you keep the door closed when your home or working in the yard?

-Do you store items outside that can be easily stolen or worse, use to break into your home?

You wouldn’t believe the cases I’ve investigate were the burglars use ladders left out by the home

owner to break into the house.

Phase 2 – How Safe Is Your Home From On Your Property?

-Cut back brush, hedges and trees that landscape your yards and around/up against your home

-As mentioned above, keep your property well lit and eliminate any dark spots/area that may be near your home or along walkways.

-Utilize motion lights, not just on your home but from around your property.  They now make solar powered motion lights that are fantastic with minimal installation effort and no wires.

-Make your home lived in…decorate/landscape the yard and keep it well maintained and groomed

-If your away, put a hold on your mail and newspaper deliveries or have a neighbor that you trust, friend

or family member come by daily, while your gone, to pick these items up.

-Also while your away, utilized timers for your lights or install smart apps that can control lights and

switch’s remotely.

-Install an alarm and place alarm stickers on your windows and an alarm placard near the street.

  Phase 3 – How Safe If Your Home From Inside?

-Do you have and utilize an alarm system?

-Check your strike plates on all external doors…they all should be secured with at least three inch screws

-Purchase and install extended strike plates for external door and any door inside the residence you may use as a “safe room.”

-Install deadbolts on exterior doors.  If and external door has a breakable window that someone could reach in and access the deadbolt from inside, purchase a double key lock deadbolt.

-Never rely on just a chain latch to secure your door.

-Double check your window locks, especially at ground level.  Secure your basement windows.

-Consider emergency ladders for second floor and higher rooms.  They make some really good ones that are meant to be stored away in a closet and take up very little room.

-Camera security system that covers the property

-Ring doorbell or a product similar

-Have a safe room and a plan the entire family knows about.

 We’d happy to answer any concerns you may have after doing that quick analysis on your home and property.  Currently we are working on reviewing products and services specific to the suggestions we listed above.

Quick Understanding Of A Safe Room
This room is a place in your home or office that is more secure than the rest and no it does not have to be over the top and you certainly do not need to spend a lot of money on it.  If were talking your home, usually the master bedroom works the best, but, pick a room that centrally located within the house to all family member rooms. The best safe rooms contained within other rooms, like a master bathroom within the master bedroom.

Here are a few suggestions:

-Solid core wood doors, with as we listed above, at least three inch screws, extended strike plates and a deadbolt…yes..a deadbolt on your bedroom interior door.

-Monitor access to your camera security system

-Flashlight, extra batteries, and an extra phone charger

-Spare car keys – if you can escape – escape

-Can of mace, taser or other weapon type instrument that could help to save your life the bad guy gets access to you.

Product Reviews

Keep an eye for our product reviews, involving ADT Home Security Systems, home surveillance/camera reviews and all kinds of home security products.

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  1. Very nice page, I love the little house with the chain wrapped around it. It makes it very clear what you are talking about. Excellent choice. Then you go on talking about how it happened to someone when in the police interview he was saying he was at a local grocery store, ya right. Yes, you really need to be under control when you in that situation. I totally like how you explained it in Phases, well thought out is my opinion.

  2. This is a really informative page and a must read to all the house owners. Home safety is really important since the world is no more safe and we need to have maximum security satisfaction as possible.
    You have covered all the important points in detail and I think this page should be shared extensively.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and for your positive words. There’s so much information out there and so much we can do to help protect ourselves. Have a great day. Chris

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