With technology changing on such a quick and constant basis, criminals learning new and creative ways to find victims and with my own house broken into not to long ago, I knew this was a topic I had to cover. So what is the best home alarm system?  This is a detailed topic and certainly can’t be covered all in one post, lets start with a true story that happened to me only a month ago.

On March 15, 2017, myself and several patrol officers were dispatched to a home in our city to investigate the report of an intruder inside the residence. If you haven’t spent too much time here at Prepare To Act, I am a Police Sergeant, assigned to our patrol division in a Police Department located in Connecticut. Anyway, our dispatcher informed us that the complainant, the homeowner was at work and had received a mobile alert on her phone of movement within her home.  She checked the wireless cameras she had installed herself within her home and sure enough observed an unknown male party in a hoody and jeans walking through her home.  Almost at that very moment she received a call from her alarm company as did the Police Department, notifying every one of the situation.

Myself and responding officers arrived on scene and were informed, real time, that the perpetrator was still in the house, which we now had surrounded.  Attempting to open any door that may be unlocked, an Officer on the perimeter of the residence informed me that he had just heard a deadbolt slap locked.  Fearing this bad guy may have a gun, and given too much time would be able to settle in with a plan to shoot myself or one of my brother officers, there was no time to waste.  I gave the order to kick in the side door, which, to be honest, cop love to do.  Once entry was made into the residence we located the bad guy in the master bedroom closet, hiding, his pockets stuffed with things that did not belong to him and a pistol stuck in his waist band.  Although my guys did an unbelievable job that day, this story is not being told for that reason, this is being told to help explain the importance of having a complete home monitoring system.

The world we live in today is certainly changing at a rapid pace.  Considering the budget crisis our country is in, the increased availability to street drugs like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines, the bad guy is even more desperate than ever.  Couple those common issues with the advancement of technology, a floundering financial system, lack of jobs and, to be honest, for some, a huge sense of entitlement, home break-ins, home invasions and crimes to personal and private property are on the up-tick.

  Tangent: The purpose of this site is to offer solutions and express to you the importance of discovering your fight, identifying what is important to you so that in a fight for your life you dig deep and do what you need to.  Have I been in fights before? Yes. Have I been in fights for my life before? Yes. But, I’m here to tell you, at forty-three years old, I’ll be happy if I never have to fight again.  So how do I do that, I plan, I research and I expect the worst and hope for the best.  So, the purpose of this site is to give you that resource to educate yourself on ways to protect yourself. Please, feel free to join the discussion below, ask questions, leave comments and even suggest some training you’d like us to write about.

Anyway, back to my story…..

This call gave me some pause and made me think about alarm systems and home monitoring devices.  The house my wife, two boys and I live in, does have an alarm system that we do use that was installed after we purchased the property.  In hindsight, I didn’t research the local company we went with, rather just assumed it would do the job.  Fast forward, five years later and I’m beginning to realize what an expense it is and to be honest a hassle when something goes wrong.  For example, each ground floor window has a sensor, obviously, each sensor has batteries that need to be replaced.  Now, if I ruled the world, I would make everything easy and affordable, but, I don’t so I can’t.  This local alarm company, whom after I write this article I am getting rid of, has a proprietary screw and screw driver that they had made.  What does that mean, you ask?  It means, that every time a battery dies, I have to call them out to the house for a service call, oh and of course, they charge for that.

So I said to myself, “Self, it’s 2017, there must be a cheaper, more advanced and user friendly way to protect my home and my family.” So, I did a little research and low and behold, I found some alternate, very reliable, more affordable options.

-Protect America

-FrontPoint Alarm Systems




I’m still doing my research on these and am working on product reviews for all four.

But in the meantime – check out my post called ADT Home Security And Ways To Protect You Home

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