Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf – A person who prefers to act or be alone rather than with others. Different from a hermit, a lone wolf will live and work in society rather than hide from it. Can also refer to a person prefers to work alone. They differ from most in that they do not seek out the company of others.  Urban Dictionary

 Lone Wolf –  is someone who prepares and commits violent acts alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group. However, he or she may be influenced or motivated by the ideology and beliefs of an external group, and may act in support of such a group. Wikipedia

The term Lone Wolf has been used since about 1990 when the Federal Government began their investigation into white supremacists Alex Curtis and Tom Metzger.  Curtis and Metzger believed in the sole person or individual attack on membership organizations, the government, and attacks on small groups.  The concept at the time was these Lone Wolf’s would come from the “underground,” the shadows and attack those “above ground,” with anonymous acts of violence.

With the frequency of terror attacks, public assassinations and murders of public service professionals including Law Enforcement, it’s easy to group the phenom all together. What gets lost in the mix of things is that each person that is murdered has a name, they have a meaning and a purpose to life.  They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, grandparent’s aunts and uncles, friend’s spouses but most of all they are someone. Like you. Like me.

You See, Wolves Attack The Sheep Because They Are Innocent And Roam About With No Way Of Self Preservation, Self Protection.  What Protects The Sheep Are The Sheep Dogs – The Sheep Dogs Protect The Heard From The Wolf That Stalks It’s Prey From A Distance And Attacks The Weakest, The Slowest, The Most Vulnerable.

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman –

Lt Colonel Dave Grossman served in the U.S Army as a Sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division, a platoon leader in the 9th Infantry Division, a General Staff Officer, a company commander in the 7th (Light) Infantry Division as well as a paratrooper and graduate of Ranger School. He went on to become a professor of psychology at West Point.  In February 1998, Grossman retired from the military as a professor of military science at Arkansas State University.

As a civilian Grossman is a bestselling author with multiple books and has served as an expert witness in numerous state and federal court cases and was part of the prosecution team of United States vs. Timothy McVeigh.

  Grossman’s first book, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society is an analysis of the physiological processes involved with killing another human being. In it, he reveals evidence that most people have a phobia-level response to violence, and that soldiers need to be specifically trained to kill. In addition, he details the physical effects that violent stresses produce on humans, ranging from tunnel vision, changes in sonic perception, and post-traumatic stress disorder. (Wikipedia)

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Read Lt. Colonial Dave Grossman’s Excerpt On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs Here!

How was your day today, routine? Did it pretty much go the way you wanted it to? Less of course the nuisances that life often brings upon us, the spoiled milk, the car on the highway that still doesn’t understand that the left lane is for passing.  Didn’t get enough sleep last night because the kids kept you up or you got stuck working late.  Maybe today or yesterday was worse for you, maybe lost a sick relative, maybe you’ve been battling a sickness and it’s progressively gotten worse with each day. Were you on vacation and stood n next to your loved one when the lone wolf visited and evil found you?  Were you the spouse that opened the door find out your other have was murdered as they sat in their marked patrol car, simply protecting the community? I would Imagine you can see what I’m getting at here, life is not something we can predict and people’s behavior is not something we can change.

As a society, we spend a lot of time asking the questions why, who and how? In my opinion the answers to these questions meant nothing to the person that took his or her last breath after being run over intentionally by a truck in a crowded public area.  It doesn’t matter to the person that died together in a pile of humans in the rest room of a night club.  And it certainly doesn’t matter to the small child that was executed, one of twenty-six, in the safety of their classroom. Do those questions matter now?? No, they don’t matter to those that are no longer with us.

The victims in these tragedies that are happening all too often around the world, got out of bed on their last day the way the always do.  They went through their last day as they normally did until someone decided they didn’t have the right to do that anymore. And I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t matter to me either, why, who or how. Let me be clear with what I’m saying, the person that kills, the reason they kill and how they kill, for the direct purpose of this blog, I do not care about.  People kill because they can.  People kill because of delusion, chemical imbalances, psychological disturbances, and/or mental illness, to name only a few.

The term Lone Wolf has now been taken on by the media and glorified, almost to the point of distraction or acceptance.  These people, these Lone Wolf’s are cowards, spineless, moreover most likely depressed and trying to recover from being picked on in high school.  Now they have something to prove to the world. Now they have something to prove to the people that know them to be useless, or different.  Maybe they didn’t get enough attention from their mothers and fathers growing up.  Maybe they have a diagnosed or un-diagnosed mental issue.  Maybe it’s both, but, most likely it’s more, but regardless, all we need to know here is that they do terrible things to innocent people just trying to live their lives.

Here’s how I differ and maybe you are the same, you know, that ridiculous belief that you want the world to be good.  You want to raise your children in a safe loving environment where they will always be protected.  Here’s the truth, that is not the world we live in, it’ll never be the world we live in. As I mentioned above, my oldest boy will start kindergarten in September of this year and I’m nervous about it.  My police department and most across the country higher police officers to be at the front entrances of these schools for the first week of schools. For those of you that chose not to give this much thought to it, it’s because there is evil in the world.  Weak people that want to hurt your children.  Not only does it make me sad that my son is getting older, it makes me sad that he is that much more vulnerable. That much more exposed to these people and their misguided delusional views of the world, their beliefs, or their gods.  Their mindset that their lives are more important than mine or those that I love. I’ve dedicated my entire life to helping people, my entire life trying to make the small piece of the world around me a better place.  And all the good that I’ve tried to do, all the hard work and hours of commitment, all the love I’ve given to my family could all be changed with one pull of the trigger, one quick rev of the engine.  A chose your own adventure life is, where with the wrong small decision can easily put you or your loved one’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and everything can come crashing down around you.

To think we were raised as a society at a very young age to respect each other, to be kind and compassionate, understanding to other people’s beliefs and upbringings.  This is one of my greatest weaknesses, as a Police Officer of twenty years, that I’ve had to overcome, that naive thought that the world is like my mom and dad, kind and loving.

The question that begs to be answered is “How do we stop it?”  The answer, is simple, you can stop them, I can stop them.  We as a society can change the definition of lone wolf.  We can prepare, you can pull your heads out of the sand and take a look around without your blinders on and understand that evil exists.  Understand that this evil looks for you, the evil looks for the most vulnerable victim that they can run over with their truck and in the weakest most cowardly ways.  They’re weakness looks for the elderly man walking down the street picking up cans with only a plastic shopping bag to protect himself.  And for these evil people, in the end you can see their weakness on display when they take the own lives, scared to face the justice of the society they have felt condemns them.

My brothers and sisters in law enforcement around the world understand the threat we as officer’s face on a daily basis And there is no doubt these threats have increased for us over the last three years at an epic pace.  What evil has done is they’ve added police officer murders to their list, as we sit in our cruisers, get a coffee at starbucks or while working an extra duty job. We’ve come to peace with this. We’ve excepted this as our jobs, our passions and we’ve excepted that death could come as we protect human life.  And to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way, nor could we ever imagine doing anything different.  It’s in us, and for the best most true cops it is us.

As a force, law enforcement and myself do not want you to have to except the same terms of unexpected death in the face of evil.  What we do want is for you, our community members, our friends, families and loved ones to except the fact that evil does exist in our world. That evil is near you, evil has passed you on your commute to work this morning. It’s there, it’s present and it’s looking for you.

The Importance And The Understanding Of Presence Of Mind

The question you have to ask yourself is what will you do to prepare for it? Identify your fight right now.  Identify the inspiration that you will pull from your gut if someone tries taking your last breath from you.  Now, re-read that, “someone tries to take your last breath from you,” if that does not light the fire, I hope you spend some time finding something that does.


“What Goes On Around You – Compares Little With What Goes On Inside You.”

                                                                        Ralph Waldo Emerson

2 thoughts on “Lone Wolf – What Will You Do If One Finds You?

  1. Great article! The level of evil that exists right now is absolutely astonishing, at least to me. It really makes you wonder about the people who perpetuate it. Do they have family? How would they feel if what they were doing to someone else, happened to their family member? Or maybe they don’t even care about that.

    I can relate to you feeling a bit of anxiety with your eldest about to start kindergarten. You want to be able to protect them 24/7. You just hope and pray that things will go well for them each day and that they’ll come back to you safe and sound.

    I think that people who think they need to kill others for whatever reason, are spineless. The real hero is the one who is able to rise to and deal with the challenges of life, despite his/her circumstances.

    The only way things would change, is if every single person changes for the better. The change has to start from within us; how we think, how we view others… If we see each other as equals and human beings, things could definitely be better.


    1. I can completely relate to all that you said Vanessa. It’s the most difficult thing for me to wrap my head around, how people can be so brutal. So many issues, so many dangers, sooo much to discuss! Thanks for the comment! Chris

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