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 Emergency 911 Apps

Cell Phone And Apple Watch 911 Apps That Will Really Help

In any emergency situation it is vital to get help started and headed your way as quick as possible.  With the advancement of technology, calling 911 has never been easier.  Here are two cell phone apps that I think would be extremely important to have.

Name: Emerge911 AppEmerge911Website:
Price: $2.99/Month – $29.99/year
Owners: President, Tony Williams
Overall Rank: A

Emerge911 App –

eMERGE911 is an emergency alert application that provides additional security by alerting 9-1-1 and three emergency contacts in the event of an emergency.  eMERGE911 will place a call to your local 9-1-1 operator. In addition, a text message identifying your GPS location will be sent to 9-1-1 and your emergency contacts. The emergency text messages will also include a link to your Emergency Tracking Webpage where your movements can be tracked on a map by 9-1-1 and your emergency contacts.

Other Features:

  When the emergency call is made to the 911 operator from this app it also will notify, via text, three   additional  emergency contacts that you chose ahead of time.

  During the emergency, a text message identifying your gps location will be sent to the 911 operator     and your  emergency contacts. This text message will include a link to your Emergency Tracking         Webpage where  your movements can be tracked on a map

  During an active emergency, you can also choose to stream a live video to 911.

Like Safetrek, reviewed below, eMERGE911 is a free app to download but requires a monthly and/or yearly subscription that would run about $29.99 per year or just about $2.99 per month.  We love the additional features that eMERGE911 has to offer, specifically the live video feeds and the instant alerts to three family and friends of your choosing.

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Safetrek Personal Safety App

Name: Safetrek 911 App
Price: $2.99/Month – $29.99/year
Owners: Developed By Zach Winkler
Overall Rank: B+

The Safetrek Personal Safety App

Imagine you are out late, leaving a restaurant/bar or the mall and your car is parked across the lot, it’s uncomfortable and you instantly become vulnerable.  The safetrek app works with an “Emergency Button,” you press and hold that button until you get to a safe place like your car  Once safe, you simply release the button, type in your pin and you’re done.  Police will not be called and your good.  However, if you are in fact in danger, you press and release the emergency button and do not enter your pin.  The Police will be automatically notified and dispatched to your location.

Other Features:

  If you are unable to talk you can text your emergency

  Once you release the emergency button, if you’re unable to talk or text the Police will   still be called

  Through gps Safetrack will update your location as you move

  They have a 3D touch scan available that will trigger a silent alarm from your home screen

  They have 24 hour, 7 day a week 365 days a year on-call team for you to access

  An in-app profile allows you to add important information ahead of an emergency that will help to     speed up  emergency services response.

  Offers the apple watch app

The app is free with some monthly costs affiliated with the service once you sign up.

But to be honest and in my opinion, this app is more than worth it.  It could literally save your life and/or the life of a family.  A must have in my opinion and the reviews are awesome.

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