The Phone Scam And Identity Theft Watchdog

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The Phone Scam And Identity Theft Watchdog 

An EBook And Online Resource To Prevent Falling Victim And A Place To Fight Back!

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Developed By Law Enforcement Professional And Scam Experts Across The Country And Around The World This PDF And Online Community Is The Only Resource You’ll Ever Need To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones.

What You’ll Get:

An Emailed PDF EBook That Covers All That You Need To Know About Phone Scams And Identity Thefts. This EBook Is Written And Published In A Clear, Concise And Specifically Detailed Way That Is Easy For Everyone To Follow.

What’s In The EBook? Just Everything You Need To Know To Protect Yourself

A full and concise list of Telephone Scams And How They Work, Including but not limited to IRS Scams, Phishing and so much more.

Email Scams and so called “Lottery Win,” Scams – An exact description of how they work and what to be aware of.

Contact numbers, websites and companies that you should report you issues with

What to expect when calling the Police if you have an fact fallen victim to a scammer – Know exactly what information they will need and what it is they can and cannot do

Identity Theft Best Practices – How to protect yourself, your identification and your personal information, including information on bank fraud and credit card theft.

What to do, who to contact and what to expect if you do in fact have your Identity stolen.

The One Time $25.00 Purchase Also Gets You:

FREE Access To Our Members Only Website Set For Release Very Soon.  The Website Is Being Designed As A One Of A Kind Online Community, Where Members Share Their Stories, Ask Advice Directly From The Experts And Stay Up To Date With The Most Recent Scams Out There.  The Best Part About Our Coming Soon Website, We’re Creating Features To Get Even With The Scammers And For All Of Us To Get A Little Retribution.

ACCESS To Webinars And Video Training Seminars That Are Being Developed Routinely.  You Control The Content, Suggest Topics Of Concerns That You Would Like To See Developed And We Will Make It Happen.

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