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Take one minute to think back to the most vulnerable situation you have faced in your life.  Have you ever been involved in a situation that your safety was in danger? Have you been involved in a home invasion, burglary or car-jacking?  Have you come to face  to face with a Lone Wolf and been forced to fight for your survival? Or, better yet, have you been lucky so far, and gotten to this point in life unscathed?  Whatever your experiences may be, this post will be helpful to you, because it is essential that we all take some time to prepare ourselves for what could be waiting for us around the next corner.

The following page lists a variety of products that offer safety in many levels of “aggression.”

Although all the products listed here are designed and produced to help protect you and each product is designed differently.  As you’ll see each product described below has a different level of “aggression” to it.  From personal safety alarms that sound loud noises and summon attention to the much more aggressive Tiger Lady, which acts like real tiger claws and can actually collect DNA evidence from your attacker.

In all of us is a different level of aggression, a different type of fight, but what we all have is the instinct to protect ourselves and to preserve life. Find the weapon or tool below that best fits you and you will find a source that will always protect you the right way.

Let’s get started.


The Vigilant Personal 

Cost: $16.99 @

Perfect for the college student, jogger, elderly, lone walkers, even just for those that do some late-night shopping.  At 3 inches and operating on AAA batteries it can fit perfectly in your purse, in your pocked, even secure it on your wrist or around your neck with the included strap.

Approximately 3 Inches In length

Operates on AAA Batteries

Wrist Strap Included 

Bright LED Flashlight For Low Light Emergency Situations

It’s Warning Can Be Heard, Once Activated For Up To One Full Hour

130 DB Alarm Can Be Heard Up to 300 Yards Away



Sabre 3 In 1 Pepper Spray With Clip

This pepper spray is an industry leader, Sabre is known for it’s product quality and effective, reliable product designs.  The company itself is very user friendly and offers all kinds of product information and even some reviews on their site.  The pepper spray is designed with an industry leading maximum strength formula that can shoot up to 10 feet.  The one container contains at least 35 one second bursts of spray in a powerful stream to reduce any type of product blowback.

Cost: $10.99 @ and @ Amazon

-Made In The U.S.A!

-This is the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by Police and consumers worldwide, including the NYPD, Chicago Police Department the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the U.S Marshals!

-If you prefer not to use this product as a keychain, it’s small and compact enough to carry in your purse.

-With a patented locking top that helps to prevent any kind of accidental discharge.

-Sabre offers free training on this product when you purchase it.  The packaging includes a link for free training along with publicly available safety tips on their blogs.

-Keep in mind the following State laws prohibit shipment of this model to: AK, DC, HI, MA, MI, NY & WI

– You can learn more at the following website:

Streetwise Protect-Her Tactical Pen

This to us here at Prepare To Act is such a great, needed tool.  It is multi-faceted and can be so effective in so many ways.  It’s small, compact, affordable and yes, actually writes.

Cost: $17.48 @ Amazon

-Has A Bright 80 Lumens LED Flashlight

-DNA Collector

-Window/Glass Breaker

-Military Grade And Water Resistant

TigerLady Self-Defense Claw

Self-described at “a revolutionary discreet self-defense tool modeled after a cat’s retractable claws.  There are a lot of really cool features with this product, including an ability, when used, to collect a DNA sample from your attacker.  Which from a law enforcement stand point is a fantastic asset.  But understand, this is an aggressive tool, you must have the fight in you, you must have the aggression in you and you must believe in your ability to use the Tigerlady effectively and be confident with it. In law enforcement, we are taught that all calls for service are gun calls because we, the police, bring them with us.  This is the same- you buy this tool, which we here at Prepare To Act, highly, highly recommend, understand that you cannot allow your attacker to get his/her hands on it and use it against you.

Cost: $29.00 @

-Made In the U.S.A!

-Wrist strap allows for convenience of use

-Weighs less than 2 ounces

-No maintenance or batteries required

-Designed to capture DNA to identify the attacker.

There are so many products available so many different avenues of ways to protect ourselves, the above products are just skimming the surface.  As we move forward and add content through the days and months to come we will continue to look for products that we feel will be most productive, effective and user friendly for you.  Add some comments and questions below and join the discussion.  If there are certain products out there that you’ve heard about and want us to take a look at them feel free to add those to your comments as well.  Also, be sure to join our email list to stay on top of all of our recent posts, new products and information and ask questions directly to me that you may not feel comfortable doing in a public forum.

Thanks again for taking the time and energy to learn whats out there to protect you!


6 thoughts on “Women Self Defense Products

  1. This is some excellent information on different ways to assist in self-defense. As a woman, it has made me nervous to go for a walk alone or shop after dark and have to walk to my car after. The products that you have listed above have my interest. I do think that I will download the SafeTrek 911 app right away. I also like The Vigilant Personal and the Sabre 3-in-1 Pepper Spray, mostly because you can use these from a safe distance, if you ever felt threatened. I try not to put myself at risk for any of these situations but you never know. The TigerLady and the Tactical Pen are also very interesting and discreet to carry around with you. All of these items opened my eyes to what is available to me, in case of an emergency. Great article!!

  2. Interesting. The options have changed a lot since I earned my black belt in Karate. I like the pen. Do you have a video demonstration of its functions? I’d like to see it in action.

  3. Hey Chris!!!

    I can’t thank you enough for this post. As a single woman who is living in the inner city (a jungle) often times I worry that I am not safe. I come home late, I have a really bad habit of leaving my house to walk to the store in the wee hours of the morning and honestly, this really isn’t the neighborhood for that.

    My mom has been begging me for years to get something to protect myself but I never know where to go or what to get. I knew I wanted some Pepper Spray but with the heart that I have I am sure I’d be super effective with that Tiger Claw which has really captured my attention. Right now in my head on auto tune, I keep imagining myself in action and I can see it clearly.

    At any rate, I plan to look further into these products.

  4. Amazing list here, and I’m super glad you’re bringing this topic to surface. I really like the The Vigilant Personal, that product will scare ANY attacker away, especially because it is so loud! And of course, the good ol’ purpose spray, you can never go wrong with some great spray, and the one you’ve outlined in this article seems like one of the best choices, while it’s in a great price range as well, especially because it doesn’t HAVE to go on your keychain but in your purse if you prefer to do so. Thanks for this article, you are doing a great job so keep up the good work 🙂

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